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Our latest Country Reports are available for £75 each. Pre-2014 reports are available at three for the price of two to be chosen from the list below. Alternatively purchase all reports for £550.

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The following country reports are available, full of exclusive interviews with major industry players, market analysis plus comprehensive data and tables:

Latin America (July 2014)
Region resumes position among two fastest growing global payment markets after 2012 dip; Brazil dominates regional volumes; Plans for crossborder digital ID system; How has the World Cup impacted the payments card sector in Brazil?
Tables include:  Transactions by Value and Volume for the Major Payment Card Networks in the Region; Leading Bank Payment Card Issuers in Latin America; Transactions on Brazil-Issued Payment Cards by Value and Volume 2008-2014; Argentina: Payment Volume on Credit and Debit Cards 2005-2014; Mexico: Total Payment Card Transactions by Value July 2013 to March 2014; Top 20 Countries for Card Expenditure at 2014 World Cup Finals in Brazil.
Interviews with: Edgar Betts, director of The Smart Card Alliance Latin America; Christophe Vergne, director of the global cards and payments centre of excellence at CapGemini.

United Kingdom (June 2014)

Payment card expenditure tops £0.5 trillion; Debit cards beating credit and cash; How will Paym change mobile payments?
Tables include: UK Card Numbers by Type 2003-2013; Volume of Debit and Credit Card Purchases 2003-2013; Value of Credit Card Borrowings 2003-2013; UK Debit and Credit Card Volume Forecast 2013-2023; Value of Debit and Credit Card Purchases 2003-2013; Expenditure on Credit Cards by Merchant Sector 2013 (£bn); Total Value of Transactions on Credit and Charge Cards by Type of Card; Average Transaction Value by Payment Method; Average Cost of Transaction (in Pence) by Payment Method; Percentage Share of Transactions by Type of Card 2013.
Interview with: Neil Aitken of The Payments Council.

United States (May 2014)
Small merchants not ready for EMV; Card transactions soar; Credit cards gain share; Consumer fraud fears.
Tables include: US EMV Migration Roadmap - Key Dates; EMV Migration Estimates for Cards and POS Terminals; Volume of Non-Cash Payment Transactions by Type 2012 (pie chart); Volume of Non-Cash Payment Transactions by Type 2003-2012; Value of Non-Cash Payment Transactions by Type 2012; Purchases at Merchants on US Payment Cards by Value 2013.
Interviews with: Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance; Xavier Giandominici of US EMV payments consultant FIME.
Article by Michael Auriemma, president of payments consultancy ACG.

Sri Lanka (April 2014)
National payment switch gets underway; 200,000 use eZ Cash mobile money service; Three key drivers for card payments growth.
Tables include: Debit cards 2013-2013 (number of cards, domestic and international cards, value and volume of transactions); Credit cards 2012-2013
(number of cards, domestic and international cards, value and volume of transactions); EFTPOS 2013 (number of devices, value and volume of transactions); Sri Lanka Remittance & GSM Market at a Glance; Sri Lanka Telecom Market Share; eZCash - Transaction and Maximum Balance Limits.
Interviews with: Rowell del Fierro of processor Global Payments Asia Pacific; Sunima Weerasooriya of clearing house Lankaclear.

Emerging Markets (January 2014)

Targeting new payment territories: Attractive opportunities but companies must beware of the pitfalls
Countries and regions covered include: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sub-Sahara; Kenya; Jordan; Qatar, East Africa
Tables include: Nigeria Payments Market 2012-2013 (Cheque, ATM, POS, Internet and M-payment transactions by Value and Volume); Sub-Sahara - Percentage Share of Adults Having a Bank Account at a Financial Institution by Country.
Interviews with: Martin Ruda, MD of The Tall Group of Companies; Chris Goulding, senior manager payments and banking at Capgemini.

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