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Global Payments Market Report 2015

The global payments market is evolving at dizzying speed and in a wide-ranging number of ways.

Payments industry professionals need to move swiftly to adapt to these chan
ges in the market, but it is challenging to predict how factors such as the onslaught of regulatory change, new market entrants, changing customer expectations and an ever-widening array of payment methods will transform the market. This report is designed to serve as a vital resource in helping to navigate an exciting but uncharted new global payments landscape.

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The report assesses major developments including:
•    The impact of imminent regulations such the EU’s Second Payments Services Directive, SecuRe Pay and the range of ongoing interchange investigations

•    Comprehensive global payments market trends and data based on the latest figures with 140 tables and charts
•    Detailed country reports on major markets including China, the US, Germany, Russia, the UK, Japan and more
•    Profiles of the players in the battle for primacy in mobile payments between the established players and relative newcomers such as Apple, Samsung and PayPal
•    The increasing demand from customers for a range of different payment options

•    The role of banks in this and how they must adapt to avoid getting left behind
•    The rapid rise of on-bank entrants in payments, and the possible role of social media giants such as Facebook. The potential threat they pose to the established order and the opportunities for old and new to work together
•    The rising payment stars in Fintech to look out for

•    Regional reports on developing markets including Africa, Latin America and the Middle East

To download an executive summary of the report and detailed index of contents click on the link below