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26 MAY 2019
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Thursday, 07 January 2016 09:46
Book review: Game of Thrones as a business role model
We all benefit from suggestions on how to perform better and more successfully in our working lives, but sometimes the text books can be difficult to wade through. Even the so called ‘inspirational books can be tiresome.

Tired off the six rules starting with S and the seven with Y that you are supposed to learn to be a good manager or compliance officer? Then a book on how to succeed in the business world based on The Game of Thrones could well suit.

The authors Tim Phillips and Rebecca Clare compare, for example Tywin Lannister with Steve Jobs of Apple, they use Littlefinger as an example of how to network, they use the behaviour of other characters, including Jon Snow to show how easy it is to antagonise the boss or irritate colleagues

Whether or not you are a Game of Thrones fan, this comparison between fictional characters and real life examples makes this a very readable book.

One example that stood out was the chapter entitled You Don’t Know Everything, which refers to people’s inability to take seriously a threat (the White Walkers north of The Wall) because they have never seen them. It is very easy to compare this with bankers and investors, and their surprise when the crash (that they thought was impossible) actually took place. Disaster planning, investment in fraud and security measures, data protection, resourcing all come into this category. It is not easy to convince people especially the board, that a scenario could possible take place when you can’t show evidence that it might. The chapter about keeping an eye on the finances is another sobering one.

"Game of Thrones on Business" by Tim Phillips and Rebecca Clare is published by Infinite Ideas ( price £9.99.

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