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20 AUGUST 2016
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Monday, 16 November 2015 16:04
Cartes releases more details on security plans
Organisers of the Cartes/TrusTech exhibition due to open tomorrow in Paris have released plans for heightened security for attendees. Plans include a ban on all bags larger than an airline cabin bag inside the exhibition, but there is a free cloakroom for these bags (see graphic below).

Because of the large number of visitors, this has never been the quickest event to enter, but the queues at the Parc des Expositions site will understandably be even longer this year.

Heightened security will give assurance to those intrepid visitors who refuse to be stopped by the actions of terrorists from leading their normal lives, and for this we salute them and wish everyone a successful event.

Among the list of measures taken by Cartes organisers are:

* General strengthening of the safety plan of action during the assembly, opening and dismantling of the event

* Physionomistes (people checking faces) at the entrance and exits

* Systematic search of all bags with a ban on all bags larger than an airline cabin bag (very difficult for people on their last day of the show)

* Systematic search of all people entering the show

* Random search of vehicles entering the show car park

* Sniffer dogs and their handlers patrolling outside the event, including the service and technical areas below and behind the exhibition halls

* Permanent camera surveillance of the whole site, internal and external.

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