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29 JANUARY 2015

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article thumbnail Wednesday, 28 January 2015

66% of contactless spend via Apple
Expansion outside US will be challenging, says CEO Cook Read more ...


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• Part 2 of the Germany country report focusing on new debit rules
• Cartes report - Watchdata warns industry of a dinosaur mentality
• Verifone reinvents itself - interview with new Europe president
• Mobile security - HCE or TSM?
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Card & Payments World | News - Online paymentsWednesday, 28 January 2015

eBay sets up payments division
Company recruits ex-Apple staff Read more ...

article thumbnail Card & Payments World | News - MobileMonday, 26 January 2015

Samsung to take on Apple in payments
Struggling handset maker in discussions with payment network Read more ...

Card & Payments World | News - MobileFriday, 23 January 2015

Monitise considers sale options
Three revenue warnings in a year
Shares dive as analysts post SELL notes
Read more ...

Card & Payments World | News - FintechThursday, 22 January 2015

Support offer to ‘innovative’ European start-ups
Payment network provides expertise to 8 fintech players Read more ...

Card & Payments World | News - Company newsThursday, 22 January 2015

Ingenico buys 100% of m-payments provider
Company also makes changes to management team Read more ...

Card & Payments World | News - MobileWednesday, 21 January 2015

Amazon ditches mobile wallet
Latest payments failure from a tech giant Read more ...

Card & Payments World | News - Company newsWednesday, 21 January 2015

iZettle partners with cloud POS platform
Link enables iPads to function as mPOS devices Read more ...

article thumbnail Card & Payments World | News - Fraud and SecurityWednesday, 21 January 2015

UK retail fraud migrates online
Reported fraud incidents total over 135,000 in last year Read more ...

article thumbnail Card & Payments World | News - Customer InsightTuesday, 20 January 2015

2015 Predictions: Major shift in online payment methods
Over the next few weeks we will be publishing an ongoing series of predictions from payments experts on what 2015 holds for the industry. Keep checking back in here to see the latest batch.

The number of online payment types available to consumers will expand rapidly this year, while there will be a further decline in traditional retail banking, says Tobias Schreyer, co-founder of The PPRO Group.
Read more ...

Card & Payments World | News - Fraud and SecurityMonday, 19 January 2015

Untrained employees the ‘weakest link’ for banks
Warning about cybersecurity risks Read more ...

Card & Payments World | News - PrepaidThursday, 15 January 2015

Spotify teams up with prepaid provider
Payment option for Premium users Read more ...

Card & Payments World | News - FintechThursday, 15 January 2015

US bankers turned off by Big Data
Global survey produces interesting findings for fintech vendors Read more ...

article thumbnail Card & Payments World | News - Customer InsightWednesday, 14 January 2015

IoT device shipments to top 1 billion
2015 to be a ‘turning point’ for NFC Read more ...

Card & Payments World | News - Social mediaTuesday, 13 January 2015

Amex rated top social media brand
78% ‘completely ignore’ customers Read more ...

article thumbnail Card & Payments World | News - Card networksTuesday, 13 January 2015

MasterCard agrees Russia processing deal
Visa likely to follow soon Read more ...

Card & Payments World | News - Online payments
eBay sets up payments division
Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Card & Payments World | News - Fraud and Security
UK retail fraud migrates online
Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Card & Payments World | News - Customer Insight
IoT device shipments to top 1 billion
Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Card & Payments World | News - Interchange
Google sues over interchange
Tuesday, 06 January 2015

Jobs & People - Jobs & People
Ukash boss joins Emerging Payments Association
Thursday, 08 January 2015

Jobs & People - Jobs & People
MasterCard names new global prepaid head
Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Events - General
The Loyalty Conference 2015
Monday, 12 January 2015

Events - General
Mobile Money & Wallet Summit 2015
Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Events - General
Mondato Summit Europe 2015
Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Card & Payments World | News - Interchange
Google sues over interchange
Tuesday, 06 January 2015

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessThursday, 13 November 2014

What is a mobile payment? Industry struggles to achieve consensus
The lack of clarity in agreeing on what should be counted as a “mobile payment” means it is difficult to find standardised and reliable data, and this is likely to remain a problem going forward. Read more ...

Features - Mobile/ContactlessMonday, 27 October 2014

Mobile Payments and Banking: The Five Crucial Areas
UK regulator the FCA has identified five primary areas for firms developing mobile financial products and services that are crucial in influencing consumer success and uptake. Roger Davies of EA Change Group assesses the implications for payments providers. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessThursday, 18 September 2014

Apple payments launch: Comment & analysis
- Rollout is a "game changer" for NFC
- What will merchants pay?

- Visa Europe declines to put date on rollout beyond US
- Apple Pay transactions may need new regulations and fee structure
- Security an issue after iCloud fiasco Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - LoyaltyWednesday, 17 September 2014

Exclusive: Fitting the merchant piece into the loyalty jigsaw
After the Collinson Group, the umbrella organisation that contains ICLP and Collinson Latitude, has acquired Welcome Real-time, Christopher Evans of the Collinson Group explains the reasons behind the acquisition. Read more ...

Features - RegulationWednesday, 13 August 2014

PAD – Joy for the unbanked but torment for the payments industry?
The EU's newly-approved Payment Accounts Directive (PAD) is designed to tackle financial exclusion, but it has much wider implications for the European payments industry. Roger Davies, principal consultant at EA Change Group, assesses its likely effects. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessThursday, 10 July 2014

The future of POS is mobile, but what is mPOS?
– A variety of definitions but clarity on the issue of who is driving the payments space: the consumer
– Visa blamed for mPOS delays
– PayPal admits it is a card scheme competitor Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - EMVTuesday, 10 June 2014

US EMV Report: Small merchants not ready
With the EMV liability shift set for October 2015, just one in five US small merchants is chip-enabled
Full report featuring interviews with experts and comprehensive market data Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessWednesday, 09 April 2014

Over half of airlines plan to offer m-payments
–71% of carriers believe the future of airline payments is via mobile

– Channel identified by airlines as a key area of growth and is increasingly used to compete for travellers
Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - RegulationFriday, 14 March 2014

Crossborder interchange to mirror domestic
European Parliament gets closer to turning payments proposal into law

Interchange on crossborder and domestic transactions is to be set at the same level, if the expected yes vote by the European Parliament later this month turns the draft regulation into law. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessMonday, 03 March 2014

Mobile World Congress - all a matter of logistics and statistics
The impact of the mobile device on every aspect of our lives can't be overestimated. But where payments will fit in is still under debate. Annich McIntosh visits Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress to report on the mobile big picture.
Read more ...

Features - Innovation/TechnologyFriday, 14 February 2014

Bankers out in force to hear technologists present their ideas
Toshl, Vaamo and LifePay are among the attention grabbers as fintech innovators connect with banks in London.
Report from Finovate Europe Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - LoyaltyThursday, 06 February 2014

Read more ...

Features - Innovation/TechnologyMonday, 03 February 2014

Wincor World - planning for tomorrow
The first in a series of articles to be published this week reporting on the Wincor World 2014 technology exhibition just held in Germany.

Today: Wincor Nixdorf moving into a software world - Interview with Wincor CTO Reinhard Rabenstein Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessWednesday, 29 January 2014

120 mobile wallets and counting
Global database of wallet offerings
Depending on how you define it, there could be 170 or more mobile wallet offerings currently available around the world. Card & Payments World presents a comprehensive database of 120 of the more credible contenders with information on the most interesting and established initiatives. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - LoyaltyFriday, 20 December 2013

2014 predictions for Cards and Payments
We have asked some expert industry soothsayers to predict what the major developments will be in the industry over the next year - and they came up with some fascinating answers…… Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Payment SchemesWednesday, 11 December 2013

Exclusive:  Visa Europe votes on its future
Sale to Visa Inc or go it alone?December 13 is decision day for the board of Visa Europe to take what is expected to be the first consensus vote on whether this association, currently owned by its member banks, should give up its association status and sell to Visa Inc. Read more ...

Features - Mobile/ContactlessMonday, 09 December 2013

Cartes 2013 Report: mPOS growth defies traditional theories
Cartes in Paris provides a useful barometer of the state of the card and payments business. This year there was a strong focus on mobile, especially mPOS development which is accelerating at a speed that is leaving even hardened payments professionals excited and breathless. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Customer InsightTuesday, 26 November 2013

Greece Country Report: Tackling a Challenging Market
– Credit card market down 51.6% in five years
– "Still good prospects for card business" says Eurobank
– Payments market data and analysis Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Innovation/TechnologyWednesday, 06 November 2013

The Internet of Things and where humans fit in
If the internet malfunctions, will it be possible to turn it off?

And why is this the wrong question?
Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Fraud and SecurityFriday, 25 October 2013

PCI: Passwords and third party processors pose biggest challenge
Twin threats to card data security.

Interview with Jeremy King, European director of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessTuesday, 22 October 2013

How NFC will become the way to pay
NFC is the only global standard for proximity payments and it will become ubiquitous, says Kalixa’s Colin Swain, who argues that delays in using the technology will only lead to fragmented alternative solutions that are barriers to scale. Read more ...

Features - Data SecurityMonday, 30 September 2013

The last rites of traditional IT security – What is PCI DSS really all about?
Anti-virus (AV) software - a standard weapon against internet threats for two decades - is not just fallible, it is fighting the wrong battle; it is time to wake up to new reality and implement a truly effective line of defence argues Mark Kedgley, CTO of New Net Technologies. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Innovation/TechnologyThursday, 05 September 2013

Special report on the Internet of Things (M2M)
US government finds missile use for IoT technology

The Internet of Things is of crucial importance to those in the smart device and smart payments businesses, because the interaction of devices will be a core element of most businesses – and it is going to happen quite soon.
Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Innovation/TechnologyFriday, 30 August 2013

PayPal face recognition: innovation or industry flop?
PayPal's new photo-based payments system may end up being just a nice gimmick rather than a payments game changer, argues Sascha Breite of SIX Payment Services. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - RegulationWednesday, 07 August 2013

What are the implications of PSD2?
Card & Payments World talks to industry experts and assesses the impact of the EC's new consumer-focused Payment Services Directive 2, which contains an interchange cap, more consumer protection, and greater regulation for new players Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - LoyaltyTuesday, 09 July 2013

Special Bitcoin round-up
Bitcoin wallet links to M-Pesa - now this is getting serious.
Article by Annich McIntosh
Also ...
Employee fired for using company capability for Bitcoin mining;
First Bitcoin criminal arrested;
Established ecommerce site now accepting Bitcoins;
Micropayment tipping system;
Flattr adds Bitcoin support;
How to buy Bitcoins

Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Reports/DataWednesday, 03 July 2013

Credit card numbers up for first time since 2004
2012 data from The UK Cards Association:
- 73% of UK retail spending on cards
- Debit card numbers up by 2.3 million
- Credit card numbers up by 1.9 million

- 205 debit card transactions per person a year

Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessThursday, 16 May 2013

NFC - Within touching distance?
Opinions are mixed as to the potential of NFC for payments beyond fast food and transit. Neal Michie of NFC specialist Helixion argues that, although the technology is not quite there yet, real world deployments are getting very close. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - ManufacturingThursday, 02 May 2013

Pressure on terminal manufacturers as merchant requirements change
VeriFone’s CEO and CFO have left, a class action is being threatened by investors, and its share price has had a rocky ride following a profit warning. Read more ...

Features - Data SecurityTuesday, 09 April 2013

PCI Compliance – What every card-accepting call centre should know
The buck for payment card security stops with the merchant, but many businesses are unaware they will be the ones receiving the fine even if the breach occurs at a third party. Article by Rob Crutchington, director of payments solutions company Encoded. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessTuesday, 19 March 2013

Exclusive: Payment start-up captivates audience with no fee proposition
London launch on March 20 for m-payments offering Read more ...

Features - Mobile/ContactlessTuesday, 05 March 2013

Can UK Payment Council mobile scheme succeed?
Can the UK Payment Council's proposed m-payments scheme succeed against stiff competition perceived as more cutting edge and efficient? Closer connectivity is vital, says Eddie Wiseman, director of financial services EMEA at Equinix. Read more ...

Features - Customer InsightThursday, 07 February 2013

Payments, processing and partnerships – the new era of acquiring
Acquirers are under increasing scrutiny and pressure from merchants. Changing needs such as the increasing use of mobile devices by consumers are causing a payments shake-up. Where does this leave acquirers, asks Bernhard Lachenmeier, head of products and marketing, SIX Payment Services. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - PrepaidThursday, 31 January 2013

How is the prepaid business doing?
Growth predicted for 2013
Nearly 100 processors on a growing list
Industry "yet to realise its potential"
Regulation is a moving target
Buoyant prepaid luncheon vouchers market
Read more ...

Features - Mobile/ContactlessTuesday, 22 January 2013

Retailers to play a major role in payments “within five years”
Merchants will almost certainly be running m-payment networks of their own and will challenge the existing ecosystem, says Michael Kuemmerle, group executive, Mobile Security at Giesecke & Devrient. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessThursday, 10 January 2013

PayPal – In defence of a non-NFC approach
“I don’t want to rubbish NFC but….”

PayPal's Patrick Gauthier says the reality of the technology has yet to match the hype

Read more ...

Features - Customer InsightTuesday, 18 December 2012

Why banks should learn from Apple
New whitepaper from TSYS recommends a multi-channel approach

Banks should learn from the Apple example and employ both a Bank 1.0 (face to face) and a Bank 2.0 (online) approach in order to meet evolving customer expectations. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessMonday, 03 December 2012

Amex calls for mobile standards
Networks should act as "leaders" to ensure interoperability

American Express has sent out a strong message asking for common standards and ubiquity in mobile payments and especially in mobile wallets, to protect investment in existing networks.

Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - RegulationMonday, 03 September 2012

A Sixpack for Payments (Part 1)
The EC can achieve its Europe 2020 objectives of opening up the payments business to competition from outside the banking sector by looking at six key areas, argues Leon Dhaene, a payment consultant and member of the EC Payment Market Expert Group.

Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessWednesday, 01 August 2012

Contactless Payments - Winning Gold?
In 2007 the UK Payments Council agreed that credit and debit cards would include contactless technology. Despite this, contactless is yet to go mainstream. Could the Olympics be a turning point?

Article by Ben Snowman, Jens Baumgarten, Georg Wuebker of Simon-Kucher & Partners.
Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessWednesday, 18 July 2012

Taking on the challenge of European x-border payments
David Yates, new CEO of VocaLink, believes that ACH providers can work together to form a payment network across Europe. If he succeeds, he will provide non-interchange account-to-account payment capability that could challenge the dominance of Visa and MasterCard. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessThursday, 28 June 2012

More questions than answers as the industry looks to the future
“If you are not in mobile, you won’t be in payments”

If there was one clear message from this week’s Future of Cards and Payments conference, it is that there is a lack of a clear pathway to tomorrow.
Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - RegulationTuesday, 15 May 2012

A long hot summer for European payments?
Card & Payments World reported on May 8 that emotions were high and tempers frayed during the European Commission’s digital payments conference in Brussels. The EC wants to bring order to what it sees as a chaotic and malfunctioning payments landscape – if necessary with regulation.

In this first of a series of articles, Leon Dhaene, a member of the EC Payment Systems Market Expert Group and a consultant to many of the interested parties, gives us his take on what happened at the meeting that is going to be instrumental in shaping the future of European payments.
Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Customer InsightThursday, 03 May 2012

Has customer control made banks vulnerable?

An interview on the future payment risk challenges for banks was clearly going to be interesting. Especially as India-based Sriram Natarajan has 21 years’ experience working for among others Amex, HSBC and GE Money. What was unexpected and hugely thought provoking was his take on how enabling the customer to choose how they access their accounts has in itself made banks vulnerable.
Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - Mobile/ContactlessTuesday, 03 April 2012

Contactless hack raises question of trust

Media stories are nothing new but can scare already nervous customers

The recent publicity over the hacking of personal details on Barclaycard contactless cards has highlighted the issue of customer trust in the technology. Read more ...

Features - LoyaltyFriday, 23 March 2012

Preoccupied banks forgetting about their customers
Banks and service providers are preoccupied with discussions about new technology and products, bonuses, fee structures, buyouts and mergers. Aren’t they forgetting someone? Article by Jonathan Marcus of Peppers & Rogers. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - EMVWednesday, 14 March 2012

The rocky road to EMV: Why the US may finally be giving in
The US currently accounts for 47% of global payment card fraud. This and other factors may belatedly be convincing the country of the need for Chip, says Guy Weber, risk manager at SIX Card Solutions. Read more ...

Features - Mobile/ContactlessWednesday, 29 February 2012

"Don’t wait too long before committing to NFC” warns MasterCard’s Lambert
Unprecedented change raises stakes for banks
The card and payments business is currently facing massive uncertainty and nowhere is this being experienced more acutely than in the processing and acquiring business.
Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - ManufacturingFriday, 24 February 2012

Mobile and the future of plastic
With numerous mobile and NFC payments initiatives taking place around the world – from Isis and the Google Wallet in the US to France’s NFC city rollouts - we ask industry players what the future holds for the plastic card. Read more ...

article thumbnail Features - ManufacturingMonday, 30 January 2012

Making sense of major changes
Comprehensive round-up and analysis of the latest mergers, acquisitions, deals and changes in the global card and payments industry over the last year. Who bought who, when, for how much, and what does it mean for the industry? Read more ...

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